Enterprise Project Governance is a framework which includes a governing body, guiding principles and standard project compliance methods. Project Governance ensures projects are prioritized, resourced, aligned and provide optimal value to strategic business priorities and investment strategies.

The purpose is to empower organizations to determine the logical mix and sequencing of proposed programs and projects to best achieve the organization’s overall goals. Project Governance also ensures projects are managed in a controlled, consistent and quality-driven manner.


A PMforward consultant will interview business sponsors, executive sponsors, key project stakeholders and current project managers in order to assess:

  • the alignment of strategic vision and key business drivers
  • current project management practices, processes and procedures
  • existing governance standards, processes and procedures
  • existing governance measurements and reporting


Cultivating business collaboration allows for the alignment of portfolio with strategic vision and business drivers, and for visibility into capacity and resource planning, project costs, project prioritization, project health, ROI and value forecasting. Project Governance provides fact-based data for reasoned decision making, reduces project delivery risks and improves reporting and oversight.

Solution Deliverables:

  • Assessment Charter
  • Capability Assessment & Alignment Report
  • Advancement Plan
  • Organizational Structure & Roles and Responsibilities
  • Current Practice Project Management Assessment
  • Recommended Process Flow
  • Tools Recommendation
  • Implementation and Adoption Plan
  • Defining  the  role of the Project Leadership during each of the  Project Phases
  • Identifying Key Project Success factors
  • Handling conflicting Projects

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