Project Launch

It is essential an Organizations’ Leadership have an understanding of the need for a structured Project Management  approach.   This engagement provides Leadership with the tools to lead a structured project launch and  provides an understanding of their role throughout the Project Lifecycle.  The focus of this offering  is:

  • Defining Leadership Roles and Responsibilities
  • Creating  Project Vision Alignment
  • Defining Project Goals, Objectives and Deliverables
  • Creating a structured Project Leadership Communications Strategy
  • Defining Project Resource requirements and Resource Constraints
  • Defining  the  role of the Project Leadership during each of the  Project Phases
  • Identifying Key Project Success factors
  • Handling conflicting Projects


A PMforward consultant will analyze the following project aspects:

  • Leadership (Interviews)
  • Stakeholder
  • Communication
  • Resources
  • Success Factors
  • ROI Metrics


Project Launch provides clear project vision, goals and objectives. After refocusing business priorities, a consistent and structured project approach will produce consistent project quality. The creation of clear project resource requirements and plans, and leadership communication and action plan will result in increased accountability, paving the way for defined and measurable project success criteria.


    • Project Interview Guides and Interview Results
    • Project Charter
    • Project Organization Chart
    • Project Risk Assessment
    • Project Resource Plan
    • Project Communication Plan
    • Project Executive and Leadership Training
    • Project Kick-Off Plan
    • Project Leadership Action Plan

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