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Should We Outsource Our Project Management Work?

Magic 8 Ball: Should we outsource our Project Management work?

“Yes.” “No.” “It is decidedly so.”

If only obtaining answers to our questions were that simple.

In today’s world, it seems that transformation is happening all around us. From the simple changing of the seasons, to the complex world of technology, one thing is for certain: change is constant. Even in corporate work environments, change is occurring in how staffing models are implemented. Considering the economic conditions, many companies are focused on ways to minimize costs without sacrificing quality of services or products they provide. How is this accomplished varies from company to company but considerations may be made to outsource certain resources based upon the specific needs of an organization. One example could be to outsource project management resources.

When is outsourcing project management work appropriate? Instead of shaking the “Magic 8 Ball” for the answer, there are a few signs which may help when considering this option:

  1. So many projects, so little time. Many times organizations have prioritized projects which must be completed within a given timeline and to meet the needs for delivering a product or service. In a lean workforce environment, internal resources are easily over-allocated which can impact project delivery dates. Outsourcing the project management component can supplement the shortage of resources while bringing rapid organization and oversight for effectively streamlining resource tasks and activities.
  2. Cannot see the forest for the trees. How project expectations are identified, outlined and communicated are key to delivering successful outcomes. Because of competing priorities which may be occurring between stakeholders it is imperative that projects have clearly communicated goals and objectives. On-boarding outside project management resources can bring an unbiased perspective to ensure focus is maintained on understanding the broader vision instead of “getting lost in the details.”
  3. Continuously reinventing the wheel. Though organizations may accomplish project success, many may find themselves managing projects with no formal/informal methodology or processes. Without this, projects may find themselves in disarray and resources continuously developing tools to help maintain project stabilization. External project management resources can bring expertise to assist in creating tools and techniques which provide structure and capabilities for reuse on future projects.

Though the “Magic 8 Ball” can give us answers to our questions, the real answer of whether or not to outsource project management work lies within each organization and the importance they place on project management.

Jamie McKinney
Jamie McKinney is a Project Manager with BCforward. Jamie’s primary responsibilities include working to identify and overcome business needs and challenges in order to improve efficiency and business strategies.

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